Heart Healthy, Classic, or Gluten Free

from the Chef’s at MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

Menu planning made easy!

We started SimplySmartDinnerPlans because we believe that food is more than just fuel. We have a passion for using the freshest, healthiest ingredients to create easy recipes that are as exciting and adventurous, as they are nutritious.

At SimplySmartDinnerPlans, we take the hassle out of meal planning, so you get more than a menu…you get amazing meals, made easy!

What we do:

  • Design, test, and photograph delicious, nutritious dinner recipes, and combine them into a monthly meal plan, with menus delivered to your email inbox each Friday.
  • Organize those recipes according to ingredients to help your budget, perfecting each one to fit our Classic, Heart & Healthy, or Gluten Free & Easy menu plans.
  • Include with each weekly dinner plan an all-inclusive itemized grocery shopping list, organized by store section for quick, efficient shopping
  • Keep it fresh on our MY KITCHEN blog, where you’ll find the latest food news, shopping tips, Q&A, additional recipes, helpful videos, and step-by-step instructions for many of our recipes.
  • Anyone can tell you what to cook…at SimplySmartDinnerPlans we take pride in helping you learn how to cook better…for FREE!

What are you waiting for?

Does all that printing, loose paper, and ink usage make you itchy?



Skip all that downloading ant printing, and order the SimplySmartDinnerPlans Cookbook! Every single recipe in the Heart Healthy Plan (Classic, and GF coming soon!) beautifully printed and bound in 8.5 x 11 perfect-bound paperback!

600 pages of delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare dinners at your fingertips!

Take your recipes with you where ever you go, jot down notes and ideas directly in your book, and enjoy the exclusive SimplySmartDesserts chapter, found only in the cookbook!

Pre-order your copy today and get free shipping! (ships February 1, 2018)


 Heart Healthy Plans

Week 1 - 15

Weeks 16 - 30

Weeks 31 - 45

Weeks 46 - 52


Classic Meal Plan

52 Weeks of free Dinner Plans and shopping lists

Week 16

Week 31 - 45

Weeks 46 - 52


Gluten-Free Meal Plan

Weeks 1 - 15

Weeks 16 - 30

52 weeks of free meal plans and shopping lists

Weeks 46 - 52