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MY KITCHEN is more than just a business for us, it’s a means of helping and supporting our community and those who need us most, by doing what we love…feeding hungry kids, and teaching them to feed themselves.

My kitchen_2MY KITCHEN is a hands-on learning program; a series of basic nutrition, planning, shopping, and cooking classes for at-risk youth and families.

We have partnered with organizations like Impact Northwest, The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, and Kings for Kids to offer hands on, “real food” cooking classes.

These are not classes that focus on a career in the culinary arts, but instead cover the primary skills and techniques required to plan, shop for, and cook healthy, affordable meals at home, using basic cooking equipment that these young people are likely to have available starting out on their own.

Think of it as “Home Ec.” for kids who may have never had a stable home environment to learn these essential skills from.


MY KITCHEN MinistryWe believe that the ability to cook for oneself is a basic skill needed by everyone, and that the confidence and independence that comes along with these skills will transfer into all other areas of these kids lives.

In other words, if they can cook for themselves, they learn that they can do anything else they want to do!

If you would like to donate to the MY KITCHEN Outreach Program, you can do so securely via PayPal, by clicking this button:


Want to help me feed hungry families, teach at-risk & special-needs kids to cook for themselves and their families, and change lives?

Become a patron!

“There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up” ― Bernard Meltzer

Other Groups we Partner With

We also contribute to several charities and non-profits that share our goal of changing kid’s lives, including The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, The Father’s Heart Street Ministry, Kings for Kids, Impact NW, and the national No Kid Hungry campaign.

Our involvement includes financial contributions, volunteering our time and resources, auctioning off our private chef services at fundraisers, and preparing and serving meals for fundraising and outreach events.

If you’d like to find out more about helping with future events, either physically or financially, please shoot us an email.

Cooking with Amy RoloffAmy Roloff Charity Foundation

We’ve had the great opportunity work with Amy and her amazing organization for several years now. Cooking up barbecue at the beautiful Roloff Farms, partner with Amy in fund-raising parties, and being auctioned off each year at ARCF’s Starry Night event.  We’ve even appeared on Little People Big World a couple of times!

KOIN 6 Holiday StoreKOIN Local 6 Holiday Magic Gift Drive and Store

Each Christmas season, we get  to cook up an feast for the volunteers and needy families coming in for toys and necessities. This little girl made us a cookie to say thank you, because “that was the first time we had breakfast this week.”

The Father's Heart Street MinistryThe Father’s Heart Street Ministry

We have worked with Teri Gant and the amazing volunteers at The Father’s Heart for many years now. Each Thanksgiving we fire up our La Caja China cooking boxes and roast turkeys for 100-150 of Clackamas County’s homeless and hungry at shelter in Oregon City. The Father’s Heart is a ministry that we have the opportunity to cook for several time each year.

Public & Private Schools

MY KITCHEN works with local schools to teach after-school classes for at-risk students.  We also partner with special education teachers to offer customized, student-appropriate, workshops for their classes.


Evergreen Middle School Special Education Classes


MY KITCHEN Outreach Classes Carson WA

Carson Washington High School

MY KITCHEN Outreach Classes The Father's House Transitional Home

The Father’s House Transitional Home


MY KITCHEN Classes Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation Christian School

Our Classes


Available on Amazon.com

The MY KITCHEN Cookbook & Class Syllabus is a collection of recipes, lessons and basic cooking techniques that we teach our students of the MY KITCHEN Outreach program.

Classes cover Recipes & Measurements, Omelets & Eggs, Knife Skills Care & Safety, Pasta and Pan Skills, Sauces & Vegetables, Meal Planning & Shopping, as well as chapters on teaching kids to cook, glossary of cooking terms, and of course, plenty of recipes to build on these skills.

100% of these cookbook sales goes to the outreach program, and for every book you purchase, we can provide two, for free, to our students!

Click here to see the MY KITCHEN Cookbook on Amazon.com

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