2018 MY KITCHEN Outreach Budget









2018 MY KITCHEN Outreach Operating Budget: $20,000

  • $6000 Classes (, equipment, materials, travel, graduation gifts)
  • $4000 Travel and Training for satellite MY KITCHEN Outreaches both local and international.
  • $2000 Business (licenses, insurance, permits)
  • $2000 Equipment replacement/upgrades (cooking burners, projector, new coolers, power cords, etc.)
  • $2000 New tires for outreach van
  • $2000 Marketing (websites, online ads, promotional materials)
  • $1500 Ing. and supplies for fundraising dinners supporting partner outreaches and ministries.
  • $500 General maintenance for outreach van

Our Fund Raising Goals for 2018

MY KITCHEN Outreach ProgramCorporate Sponsorships

We will be aggressively seeking monthly, quarterly, and annual financial sponsorship’s from businesses and corporations. If you would like to help us seek out new companies to partner with, or own a business that might be interested in partnering with us, please contact us at mykitchenoutreach@gmail.com

Heroes Circle

To increase the number of monthly patrons in our “Hero Circle” program from its current level of $225.00/mo to $1000.00/mo.

One Time Gifts

Develop quarterly one-time gift campaigns through social media, and local “supper club” events.

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

Outreach Goals for 2018

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program CarsonDevelop and sponsor our first satellite outreach in Carson WA, offering 2-3 six-week class sessions, and four single-day classes, partnering with the Skamania School District, for local at-risk and special needs youth.

Train a local mentor team to plan and teach classes, gather local support, and develop an long-term fund raising plan for self-sufficiency by January 2019.

Expand local class programs in the Portland/Vancouver area, working with established non-profits, and public-school programs.

Develop and text curriculum for our “Little Chef” program, for children 8-12, to launch Summer 2019.

Develop program materials and curriculum for a satellite outreach in Lyete, The Philippines. Including on-site mentor training, kitchen development, and class materials at the local Foursquare Church community kitchen.

Establish and recruit for a corporate CFO position to maintain ongoing financial records, taxes, and year end reporting and tax-deductible donation receipts.

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program Carson


MY KITCHEN Outreach Program CarsonAfter six years of partnering with GoFundMe as our donation processor, we will be transitioning to YouCaring.com. This new provider is more appropriately designed for non-profits, insuring that more of our donated finances reach the kids.

Please visit this link, today, to help us reach our goals:


We appreciate your continued support and encouragement in 2018, as we mentor more kids, expand our hands-on cooking classes, and expand our outreach to exciting new levels.

Thank YOU for helping us help kids!

~Chef Perry & Crew
MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program Carson


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