Meal Plans

At SimplySmartDinnerPlans we’re all about using the freshest ingredients and innovative techniques – as well as old classics – bringing them together in exciting, delicious, varied (and free) weekly meal plans.

What do you mean, “free”?

If you’re wondering why we give our weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes away for free, you  can find out why on our MY KITCHEN Outreach page, here.

Our current plans include:

preparing foodEach week we provide two full menus for each plan, so you won’t get locked in to a protein that you or your family isn’t fond of. Everything from chicken and turkey, to pork loin and chops, to salmon, to ground beef/pork/turkey, etc.

Typically 3 recipes each week will use the featured protein.

This allows you to buy larger package quantities of that protein, which typically lowers the overall cost.

fettuccine_with_brown_butter_and_sageLastly, each week features a meatless meal, which many health experts advocate as a passive, but powerful method of improving ongoing nutrition. (Don’t worry, carnivores, every one of these recipes are designed to easily add back in an animal protein!)

Each SimplySmartDinnerPlans weekly meal plan is available in 2, 4, or 6 servings.

How do I know which plan is best for me?

All three plans focus on fresh “real food” ingredients, and healthy, easy-to-make recipes. Boxes, cans, and “prepared” foods are avoided whenever possible (and it’s usually possible.) Our general rule of thumb is 10 ingredients or less (including seasonings), 20 minutes or less total prep/cooking time.

all-american-burger-and-sweet-potato-chips (302x390)It really comes down to what your dietary goals are.

If you have no weight-loss goals, no health/heart/blood-sugar issues, and don’t typically track your eating or calories, then the Classic Meal Plan is probably just fine you you.

Pork & Sweet Potato Curry - CopyIf you have heart-health issues, any form of diabetes, or other health concerns, and your doctor has recommended restricting you intake of sodium and/sugars (ie: carbs), then the Haute & Healthy Meal Plan is probably what you’re looking for, after, of course, consulting your physician, or health practitioner.

Lastly, if you have been diagnosed celiac, gluten-intolerant, or have decided to remove gluten from your diet for your own health reasons, then you would want our Gluten-Free & Easy Meal Plan

The great news is that, as a subscriber to our free weekly newsletter, you have access to ALL of the plans, every week. You can try out new ones as often as you like, until you find the plan that is perfect for you!

We look forward to you joining us here at SimplySmartDinnerPlans, and can’t wait to enjoy some amazing meals together!

Chef Perry

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