The Home Chef: Transforming the American KitchenThe Home Chef: Transforming the American Kitchen

We are entering the age of the “Home Chef”, a title that’s available to nearly everyone, regardless of age, or financial standing.

That’s what this book is about…because something amazing has begun to happen in the last two decades, something that has never before happened in the history of cooking…instead of growing wider, the gap between the home cook and the professional chef has actually begun to narrow, and continues to narrow exponentially with each passing year.

The time when these specialized skills were limited to those who could afford the cost and time required for culinary school are quickly passing into history. The time when the sole requirement to elevate your cooking skills to this level…passion…is emerging.

It’s an amazing time to become a Home Chef…and if you have that passion, I’ll show you how. Welcome!

Chef Perry P. Perkins

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Part autobiography, part call-to-arms, revealing the rapidly evolving landscape of cooking in America. “The Home Chef” is a manifesto on how to cook real food in our own kitchens, and more importantly…why we should. Filled with insider tips & tricks from the professional kitchen, hundreds of links and resources to (free) cooking education videos, and easy to follow instructions from a professional cooking instructor, The Home Chef” is culinary school for the home cook.


MY KITCHEN CookbookThe MY KITCHEN Cookbook & Class Syllabus ~ $14.95

A collection of recipes, lessons and basic cooking techniques that we teach students, and have prepared for other organizations as part of SimplySmartDinnerPlans’ MY KITCHEN Outreach program.

MY KITCHEN is all about feeding the hungry, and teaching basic nutrition, shopping, and hands-on cooking classes for at-risk kids.

100% of sales goes to the program, and for every book purchased, we provide two, for free, to our students.

Mentoring Youth ~ Fostering Hope


MEAT FIRE GOOD BBQ CookbookMEAT FIRE GOOD: The Burnin’ Love BBQ Cookbook ~ $14.95

Shortly after man discovered fire, he discovered that if you threw a chunk of meat on the coals, let it blacken, and then dug it out of the ashes…it tasted freakin’ awesome!

Since that evolutionary milestone, man has taken barbecue and grilling to the four corners of the world, and adapted it to the local ingredients he found there.

If it walked, swam, slithered, or flew, early man found a way to cook it over fire…and God bless him for it!

“MEAT FIRE GOOD” takes you on a gastronomic tour of the globe, from classic Cuban and Indonesian dishes, to traditional Texas and Carolina BBQ, to the crisp, fresh flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Perkins includes grill-top favorites, slow-smoked pit classics, and amazing side dishes; dozens of step-by-step crowd-pleasers like:

~ True Texas Brisket
~ Pacific Northwest Salmon
~ Southern Roast Turkey
~ Carolina Pork Ribs
~ Memphis Whole Pickin’ Pig

Fire up the coals, pick your favorite recipes, and dazzle your guests with these simple, yet mouth-watering dishes!


The Shoalwater Cookbook

The Shoalwater Cookbook ~ $7.95

Mouthwatering recipes and excerpts from Chef Perry’s novels “Just Past Oysterville” and “Shoalwater Voices.”

Pacific Oyster Kabobs, Hamburgers ala Heck, Pan Fried Oysters, Willie’s Garlic and Mushroom Stuffing, Old Elmer’s Salmon Breakfast Hash, Morning Tide French Toast, Sunset on Shoalwater Cocoa, Maple Glazed Plank Salmon and Wild Greens Salad …and many more…

Le Couteaux Trois: Tapa CookbookLe Couteaux Trois: Tapa ~ $9.99

Tapas recipes from MY KITCHEN Outreach’s Le Couteaux Trois pop-up restaurant. 100% of sales goes to the outreach program, and for every book you purchase, we can provide two, for free, to our students.

Caprese Skewers, Pho-bo Deviled Eggs, Pork Belly Miso Consume, Prawns & Mushrooms Risotto, Ono Ono Seared Ahi, Sake-Soy Manila Clams, Lamb Wellington, Flank Steak with Roasted Root Veggies, Goat Cheese with Pear


Paris CoverLe Couteaux Trois: Paris ~ $9.99

Saying that we’re going to serve you the eight best Julia Child recipes, is like saying I’m going to quote the five best lines of Shakespeare…my God, where do you even start?”

Well, you start by watching all of the amazing episodes of The French Chef” again, re-reading “My Life in Paris”, “Julia Child”, and spend many happy hours perusing “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (the best cookbook ever, btw.)

Then you say a prayer. In honor of the great lady herself, here’s what we came up with…


Le Entrées:
Roulade de Poisson Meunière, Frisée aux Lardons, Potage Parmentier
Le Plat Principal:
Boeuf a la Bourguignonne
Assiette de Fromage
Le Desserts:
Mille-feuille, Croquembouche, Reine de Saba Petit Four, Macaroons

bon appétit!

~ Chef Perry

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