What Our Customers Are Saying

58762_436595936376315_470889817_n“SimplySmartDinnerPlans is awesome!

You cook but the planning is already done. A fantastic way to gather around the dinner table!”

– Amy J Roloff
Little People, Big World.


“Wonderful recipes! I love the hints for cooking, the shopping/pantry list, and the color pictures of the entrees. It really helps me “see” what I’m preparing!”
– Tami M.

“I wanted you to know I love your program and blog! My son was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I was needing recipes that were delicious and gave me the low carbs with the nutrition label. I love your helpful tips. I feel rejuvenated in my cooking, which is awesome since this has been a stressful time.Thanks again!”
-Misty A.

“Thank-you Chef Perry for another tasty meal – Classic Steak Diane – that sauce was amazing. Your menu’s have reduced my weekend stress a ton and we love the recipes! And I look forward to Friday’s to see what we are having next week. THANKS!”
-Robin G.

“Thank you for including the meal number on the grocery list. I’m only home 2 days this week, so with this added feature I am able to choose which meals I will make, and easily see what ingredients I’ll need. Bravo!!!”
– Marjorie G.

“Oh my heavens! I just read through all of the recipes I received for this week…these look AMAZING! I’m looking forward to grocery shopping now, lol! I love to cook and we certainly like food, but the timing is perfect to change up some of our meal-monotony.”
– Roberta S.

“Chef Perry, I finally got the courage to make gravy from scratch, I made chicken gravy by myself, just like you explained it, and it came out tasty and perfect! All because you and hautemealz.com chefs are my inspirations. I felt like you were over my shoulder encouraging me the whole time. TY!!!”

“I really just love the extra time to COOK that your menu plans give me instead of always looking up recipes, planning meals, making grocery lists… you save me so much time and I can enjoy cooking more now!”
– Michelle D.

“I’m really enjoying the flavor combinations and the new tastes we are experiencing. The best part? The meals are pretty quick and easy to make. I have a medical disability right now and don’t have a lot of energy to spend in the kitchen. These meals do not tire me out! My family is eating a variety of healthy meals. Yeah!”
– Diane A.

“We’ve tried some wonderful recipes. It’s been really fun to use ingredients and cooking techniques that are not familiar to me, and the shopping lists have streamlined my trips to the grocery store. I’m also loving the newsletters, with all the handy tips and information. We look forward to getting the menus each week!”
– Stephanie M.

“I tend to cook in a lot of bulk pre-packaged foods then eat the something for a week SimplySmartDinnerPlans is slowly changing my mind. They will make life more healthy for about what I spend on package food. My habits have been made over the last 55 to 60 years, but now there is hope of learning new tricks.”