Reviews & Advertising

Reviews & Endorsements

If you have a reduced calorie, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, or kitchen convenience product that you would like us to review for our subscribers, please contact us at the email address, above, with a description of your product.

We make no promise, expressed or implied, should we choose to post a review of your product, that it will be favorable, or that we will recommend it to our subscribers.

In return for a free review/endorsement, we ask that you share an excerpt of our product review(s) on all of your available social media outlets and in any appropriate newsletters/mailing lists your company maintains, along with a link back to the webpage that contains your review.

Sponsored Posts

If you would like to sponsor a post on the SimplySmartDinnerPlans Blog, we will publish your pre-approved post for a one-time fee of $150.00. If you would like us to write an endorsement post, with custom photo(s) and an accompanying recipe (when appropriate), the one time fee is $300.00. Sponsored posts may include up to 3 photographs and 3 web-links.

If we do not approve your post, you will not be charged.


We allow for a maximum of two (2) non-competing ads per webpage, blog post, or weekly newsletter. If you have a specific post you want to be included in, advertised products must compliment the content of the post.

~Banner Advertising (Landing/Sign Up): $250.00 per month, 3 month min.
~Banner Advertising (specific blog post): $50.00 per month, 3 month min.
~Banner Advertising (static blog page): $150.00 per month, 3 month min.
~Banner or Block Ads (Weekly newsletter): $50 per week, 4 week minimum

Banner Example:

Thank you!

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