The Guy’s Guide to the PERFECT Valentine’s Menu

Valentine's Day Recipes for Guys

Hey Ladies…

Don’t find chili-mac particularly romantic?

Buffalo Wings don’t get your motor revvin’?

Chicken on a beer can doesn’t light your fire?

Print my free “Guy’s Guide to the PERFECT Valentine’s Menu” and leave it in his man-cave!

  • 17 Delicious Dessert, Dinner and Brunch recipes, with full color step-by-step photos, designed for all skill levels.
  • Key points on what makes a meal “romantic”…besides the food!
  • Cooking Terms Glossary (just in case…)
  • ..your Iron Chefs can contact ME, personally, if they have any questions!

Act Fastthe “Guy’s Guide to the PERFECT Valentine’s Menu” is only available for a couple of weeks each year.

Just subscribe to our blog and eNewsletter, and the guide will magically arrive in your inbox in just a few minutes!

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Note to the guys: The management at SimplySmartDinnerPlans (that’s me) takes NO responsibility for this post being forwarded to you, left on your pillow, or stapled to your chest…especially if it came from your wife or girlfriend!

~Chef Perry

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