Amazon Smile Donating 10X Today Only!


Heyya Peeps…BIG NEWS!

Today Amazon is donating 10x the usual amount to charities through their Smile Program!

If you’ve been thinking about picking up any of my novels, cookbooks, story-story collections, or my new Chicken Soup anthology for yourself or others, today’s the day!

1) Go to:
2) Log into your Amazon account
3) Click the “Supporting” arrow, and choose “MY KITCHEN Outreach Program”
4) Then, in the search box, type “Perry P. Perkins”
5) Order any of the books that catch your eye!

That’s it!

Simple, no extra cost to you, and our outreach gets TEN TIMES the regular donation from Amazon!

PLUS…I will donate 100% of any sales earned today to MK as well!

How’s THAT for a Win-Win?

Thank for for helping us help at-risk and special-needs kids!

~ Chef Perry

PS – This counts for ANY purchases you make from Amazon after Step #3


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