We grieve, and we rejoice.

It is with a very heavy heart, and very mixed emotions that I share with you that our dear friend, and a great mentor in the service to others, has passed away.

1850917_origTeri Gant, founder and CEO of The Father’s Heart Street Ministry, who we have been cooking and working with for many years, passed this week.

Teri was, by far, the most giving and compassionate person I have ever had the privilege to know.

We met many years ago at Sunnyside Foursquare Church, where her ministry began, simply and faithfully taking bags of homemade sandwiches to the homeless in the Clackamas area. She sought no credit or glory, but ministered as she was called, week in and week out.

It wasn’t about her, is was about Jesus.

FullSizeRenderHer tireless and selfless work expanded into a shelter and feeding center in Clackamas, where MY KITCHEN was honored to provide turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

Many of you have given to and supported this event every year, and on behalf of myself and Teri, I say thank you.

Eventually, her outreach moved to a new facility in Oregon City, where Teri continued to minister and change lives for “the least of these” among us.

We continued to do summer BBQ’s and Thanksgiving turkeys, and watched as Teri loved and gave everything to the work that God called her to. She was my example, my mentor, and my inspiration.

photo4I have, personally, never known anyone who more clearly and faithfully demonstrated “Jesus with skin on” than my friend Teri Gant.

The number of lives and souls that Teri saved cannot be counted, and the love and comfort she so easily shared with others is the finest example of the Great Commission that I have ever known.

She will continue to be the example I look to of a servants heart, and unfailing love.

Her ministry was to the “inglorious”…the homeless, the mentally ill, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, she loved without judgement, and those who needed Jesus the most, trusted her unfailing love. She touched the lepers of our society, without fear or judgement, and she brought to them the healing power of Christ.

4580586My mixed emotions come from the grief I feel that I will no longer see my friend here on Earth, take strength from her selfless example, or see her beautiful smile as she touches the lives of those around her, and yet, at the same time I rejoice that she is now with her savoir, whom she loved so very much, and served so faithfully, to the last.

Teri, I will miss your laughter, your encouragement, and your shared dreams and prayers for our fledgling outreach, as we sat in your office and talked about the needs around us.

I will miss your generosity as we dug through your freezers for meals, and planned our meals, and fundraisers, and appreciation dinners.

Teri Gant was the best example I have ever known of a true and unfailing servant of Jesus Christ, and we say in her memory, what she has now surely heard from the lips of her beloved bridegroom…

IMG_1444 (2)“Well done, thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

Well done, my dear friend, well done…

I love you, sister, and I will miss you. Save me a spot at the table.

Chef Perry

Donations in Teri’s memory can be made here.


2 thoughts on “We grieve, and we rejoice.

  1. Brother Perry, just a couple of tidbits to share in regard to Teri:
    Pocket Sermon on Jesus: (three simple points)
    1. Jesus was a worker 2. He saw the need 3. He had compassion and ministered to resolve that need

    A definition to remember: represent. To present (the prefix RE) AGAIN. To REpresent Jesus means to present
    Him AGAIN to your fellow man, in the flesh, through your own person. Teri did that. People are hungry to “see”
    Jesus because they are spiritually poor. Jesus said we will always have the poor among us, but He meant the
    spiritually poor. When we minister to someone with food we bring Jesus with us and make a point of contact for
    Him and spiritual ministry happens, and Jesus starts the work needed. We are like fishers of men. We catch
    them, and He cleans them up!

  2. So sorry for your loss. She sounds like beautiful sister in Christ. I look forward to seeing you continue and be the inspiration for someone that she was to you.

    With Sympathy,

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