Want to see Chef Perry eat Vegan for a week? (Ugh)

MY KITCHEN Program Heroes CIrcle

Be a HERO for a child…

Join the MY KITCHEN Outreach HEROES Circle!

MY KITCHEN Program Heroes CIrcle

MY KITCHEN is a hands-on learning program; a series of basic nutrition, planning, shopping, and cooking classes for at-risk youth, including children recovering from abuse, and foster-care teens who are preparing to live on their own for the first time. We also cook for homeless shelters and family warming centers, and offer our cooking services for other charity’s fundraisers.

Our Heroes Circle allows our supporters to set up automated monthly donations, in the amount of their choice, via the secure servers at GoFundMe. Set up a monthly donation from $5 to $50 to $500…every dollar is a blessing to our kids!

Heroes receive detailed updates of all of our current outreach events, invitations to appreciation events, and get the change to help us decided on important decisions for each upcoming year.

We believe that BIG dreams require BIG goals, and some of our goals (food truck for summer meal programs, 3-Day Cooking Camps, Etc.) are pretty big. That said…our first goal for monthly contributors is $2,000. This amount would cover all classes through the end of the year, as well and reach our fund-raising goals for the food truck.

I know, right?

So…let’s make it fun, shall we?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a poll on Facebook, letting folks choose a “prize” if we meet our Spring/Summer fund-raising goal for our “Heroes” program.

The choices were…

~Mohawk (photo documented), colored?
~MY KITCHEN tattoo
~Vegan for a week (with posted diary)

We opened it up to suggestions as well, just no piercings, or anything that could be dangerous, or illegal.


~Tattoo: 45 votes
~Mohawk: 83 votes
~Vegan 4 a week: 122 Votes (you guys are heartless!)

Now, let’s make this interesting…

If, by July 15th 2016, we have reached $500 per month (that’s just 20 $25 pledges) I’ll get the tattoo.

If, by the same date, we reach $1000 per month, it’s the Mohawk, which I will proudly wear as we teach classes at this summer’s Sparks of Hope healing camps for kids.

$1500 in monthly pledges, gets the week in hell (100% vegan diet).

AND…if we manage to hit the full $2000.00 mark, or more…I’LL DO ALL THREE!

For more information on the MY KITCHEN Heroes Program, and instructions on how to join the program, visit our Heroes page on the blog.


-Chef Perry

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