MY KITCHEN Outreach’s “ONE in 5″ Campaign

1in5LOGOAsking for your help with something that really means a lot.

MY KITCHEN Outreach* is getting sponsored by CustomInk on Pear and the more people who join in the more funding we’ll receive – it’s FREE and only takes a sec!

“ONE in 5” refers to the current US statistics that nearly 16 million children (1 in five kids) live in a “food-insecure” household.  

This means they lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis and struggle with hunger at some time during the year as a result.

Our “ONE in 5” campaign is specifically to raise funds for the purchase and maintenance of a professional food truck to expand our current abilities to feed kids, and volunteer in local summer meal programs for children who are out of school, and unable to get at least one meal a day there.


If the future there will be opportunities to give directly, as well as purchase some super-cool t-shirts, hoodies, etc., to help support us, but for now all we need is this…

Our brand new “ONE in 5 Campaign” is working to raise $200 towards designing our Custom Apparel from CustomInk on Pear.  The more people who join in, the more we can raise. Its completely free and will make a huge difference for our group…just click on the link above to get started!

Thank you!

Chef Perry

*MY KITCHEN Outreach Program is a hands-on learning program; a series of free basic nutrition, planning, shopping, and cooking classes for at-risk youth and families, as well as an outreach to provide healthy meals for kids in low-income, food insecure situations.

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