Bays English Muffin Pizzas – 3 Ways

Bays English Muffin Pizza Recipe

I was given a lovely package of Bays English Muffins at last week’s International Food Blogger’s Conference (consider that my disclaimer, big brother…) and my very first thought was English Muffin Mini Pizzas!

Bays English Muffins

From Bays website:

Since 1933, Bays has consistently delivered on its promise to serve the best English muffins in the world. First sold by the dozen in brown paper bags, the muffins were hand-delivered to bakeries, restaurants, hotels and private clubs. Soon Americans made Bays English muffins a necessary breakfast staple. Bays English Muffins are sold in the refrigerated dairy cases of major grocery stores. All muffins are made to order, and leave the factory within 24 hours of their baking to be shipped across the country in refrigerated trucks.

Bays English Muffin Pizzas – 3 Ways

Today, let’s look a MY all time favorite pizza, hands down…

Caprese English Muffin Pizza Recipe

The Caprese

Serves 4 with a side salad or 8 heavy appetizers.

Based on the traditional and popular Italian Insalata Caprese (Salad of Capri) Caprese is a simple layering of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, seasoned with salt, and olive oil. The colors of these three ingredients were combined to resemble the colors of the Italian flag (red, white, and green).

4 English Muffins, sliced down the center
1 cup fresh marinara
8 lg. fresh mozzarella medallions, halved
16 fresh basil leaves, stemmed and torn
16 small cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
Dash of salt

Preheat your broiler.

Toast the Bays English Muffins, on the middle oven rack, under the broiler until lightly browned, flip and repeat to brown bottom. (If you skip this step, you’ll get soggy crust).

Broiling English muffins for mini pizzas

Arrange the muffins cut side up on a foil lined baking sheet.

Bays English muffin Caprese mini pizzas

Caprese English Muffin Pizza (Middle Row)

Spoon a scant Tbsp. of sauce over each, and top (in order) with:

Mozzarella medallion halves (2 each)
Tomato halves (4 each)
Fresh basil
Sprinkle of shredded cheese
Dash of salt

Caprese English Muffin Pizza Recipe

Return the pizzas to the broiler for a few minutes, until the cheese has melted, and turns slightly golden.

Serve immediately

Coming up…the classic Hawaiian English Muffin pizza, and my own pear, prosciutto, and Gorgonzola “Hipster Pizza!”

Stay tuned!

-Chef Perry

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