The 4th of July Awesome Dog

Although I prefer to grill or smoke my meals nearly every day of the year, there are a few days that live-fire cooking is a non-negotiable part of the celebration.

This, is one of those days.

This year, with my almost-eight-year-old daughter begging for hotdogs, I decided if I was gonna do ’em, I was gonna do ’em big…I give you the 4th of July Awesome Dog!

Note: To get an awesome dog, you must use awesome ingredients. In this case it’s Nathan’s hot dogs (Hebrew National is another good one), and, of course Cabot Creamery cheese. In this case, their Seriously Sharp Cheddar.

Looking forward to repeating this recipe with both Cabot’s Hot Habanero, and their Horseradish cheddars, as well!

Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed hotdog

4th of July Awesome Dog

Note: I made these in my Traeger, set at 325, but any grill, with a multi-zone heat source would work too.

Nathan's bacon cheese hotdog recipe

8 natural, all beef hot dogs
8 large match-sticks of Cabot Cheese (I used Seriously Sharp Cheddar)
8 thin slices of natural apple-smoked bacon
1 cup of your favorite bbq sauce (I like our Dirty Little Secret sauce, at the bottom of this post).
8 potato bread hotdog buns

Cut hot dogs lengthwise, not quite all the way through, and insert 1-2 matchsticks of cheese in each cut.

Cheese and bacon hotdog recipe

Wrap each dog with a slice of bacon.

Bacon Cheese Hotdog recipe

Secure the bacon on the side of a hot dog with wet toothpicks. (Note: I didn’t do this, but, in retrospect, a recommend it. Makes turning easier.

Cabot Cheese Hotdog recipe

Grill using Indirect Heat (or bake) at about 350°F for about 30 to 45 minutes, or until the bacon is fully cooked.

Bacon wrapped Cheese Hotdog recipe

When bacon is almost done to your liking, roll each hotdog in bbq sauce (I prefer dipping to brushes, but do whatever floats your boat.)

BBQ Bacon Hotdog recipe

Return to grill and cook a few more minutes, turning often, until the sauce sets up into a glaze. Let cool for about 10 minutes and then take out the toothpicks.

BBQ Bacon Hotdog recipe

Serve with a heapin’ helpin’ of our Kale-Bacon Slaw Recipe


-Chef Perry
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4 thoughts on “The 4th of July Awesome Dog

  1. Thanks! I’ll be doing (my rendition) of these today….as usual, I will post a pic to my Facebook…and tag you….for your approval of course… 😉

  2. You are AWESOME! and an amazing Dad!! Love going through your site to see all you do! I also love emailing things to my daughter in college, because one of her roommates loves to cook for them! Love your videos also! Thanks for all you are doing!

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