Krusteaz Breakfast Night!

Krusteaz Breakfast Night

Working with Krusteaz to promote “Breakfast Night” and I just got my gift pack in the mail, woo-hoo! We will be offering a reader giveaway for a similar gift pack directly from the fine folks at Krusteaz.

That’s where I need YOUR help. What kind of contest should we have? Best pancake photos? Most unique use of pancake mix? Best topping recipe? Best pancake story?

What do you think?

Chef Perry

4 thoughts on “Krusteaz Breakfast Night!

  1. I’m thinking toppings, we can’t improve on the pancake , waffle or muffin but we can add our own toppings. We all like yummy toppings on our krusteaz! Everything from sweet to savory. In house or on-the-go.
    I’ve used corn in my waffle mix, put chili on top of the hot corn waffle. PBJ with pancakes! How about pancake wrap with banana and Nutella inside. Who likes bacon in the mix with some sweet syrup?

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