Did you know that you can help support our MY KITCHEN Outreach Program, helping us cook for the hungry, and teaching important cooking skills to at-risk kids…just by signing up for our free weekly meal plans?

It’s true! Even if you never click on a single ad, just by visiting our page to get the latest recipes, download the weekly plans, and watch our latest videos, you help increase our search engine ratings, which brings more people to our page, increasing our ad value and revenue!

That ad revenue is our sole income to provide meals, class gear and materials, marketing and advertising, etc., for the outreach.

Please consider signing up today, and sharing this information with folks you know. They’ll get some great recipes, new cooking tips and tricks, one-on-one Q&A with our chefs, and be helping a great cause at the same time…all for free!

Here’s the sign up link:

Thank you!

Chefs Perry, Terry, & Chris

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