My pulled-pork mission in life…

Perfect oven roasted pulled pork

One of my personal quests in life is to eradicate the horror that is “crock-pot pulled pork.” As a BBQ guy it just kills me.

Now, obviously, I would hope that each of you would get to revel in the awesomeness that is REAL slow-smoked pit BBQ pulled pork, but that’s just not feasible, for a number of reasons, for a lot of home chefs.

Here’s the next best thing:

12 hours slow roasting, UNCOVERED, in the oven at 225F is so much closer to the real thing, with that classic BBQ texture to the meat and actual “bark”, than the steamed meat that you get in the slow cooker, which is typically “pot-roasted” pork – something else entirely from BBQ-style pulled pork.

Here’s that full recipe, btw: Easy Pulled Pork: Good to Great in 4 Steps

And before I get barraged with angry messages telling me “I make awesome pulled pork in my crock pot!!!”

No, you don’t.

You make pork pot-roast in your crock -pot, which may very well be delicious, but it isn’t pulled pork.


Chef Perry

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