“Name the Outreach Program” Contest!


Took a break from working on curriculum today to play with the logo and name of the new outreach program. I like the logo (picture it on a t-shirt or apron), and the name “MY KITCHEN” but not feelin’ it with the tag line so much.

Again, we’re teaching basic cooking skills to teens coming out of the foster care system to live on their own. You can see, around the outside of the logo, some words that represent what we want kids to get from these classes. We’ve kicked around “Program” “Outreach” “Outreach Program” “Community (something)” “Independent Cooking Project”… you get the idea…

At the same time, we want to clearly communicate the educational aspect.

If you’re interested, take a look at the words above and/or add some of your own, and post a name idea or two, below.

I’ll send a copy of our BBQ cookbook, “MEAT FIRE GOOD” to anyone who can come up with something that all three of us like!

(BTW…this is just my rough draft of a logo, whatever we end up with will be sent to a professional graphic artist, lol)

-Chef Perry

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