Grocery Budget Questions


Okay, I know that this is a somewhat personal request, so please feel free to send me your responses privately to if you’d rather not comment below.

I’m gathering data for our upcoming outreach meal-plans and cooking classes, and I need some info…

If you are shopping for a family of 2 or more, and are supplementing your grocery budget with SNAP benefits (foodstamps), or some other form of assistance.

Could you:

 A) let us know, on average, about what your weekly grocery costs are, and for how many adults/children, and

B) give us an idea of some the most common foods you’re purchasing from week to week.

all-american-burger-and-sweet-potato-chips (302x390)Basically, we need to know what our per/person, per/dinner budget is, to create the healthy, easy to prepare, but still realistically affordable recipes for these plans with will be part of our educational “healthy cooking” outreach for financially challenged family and programs.

All responses will be kept strictly confidential, and the original emails will be permanently deleted as soon as the data is recorded in an anonymous spreadsheet.

Also, if you’re a professional in a related field of work, and you have some insights on the information above, we would love your input!

Please share this request, via the buttons below, and thank you for helping us help others!

– Chef Perry

3 thoughts on “Grocery Budget Questions

  1. Hey Perry, for WIC users, it’s really standard every month. You get 6 dollars worth of vegetables, 1 pound of cheese, 3 1/2 gallons of milk, 1 can of frozen juice (or around a 1/2 gallon bottle), 2 pkgs corn tortillas or 1 pound of brown rice or 1 loaf of whole wheat bread, 1 dozen eggs, 1-18 oz container of peanut butter or 1 pound of dried beans and 32 oz of specific kinds of cereals.

    That’s what I know in a nutshell…. Good luck!

  2. I’m cooking for 2…and right now the “other one” is trying out vegetarianism…so…1# ground beef per week, 1 gallon of milk per 2 weeks (if older daughter was home that would go up to 3 gallons PER WEEK!). 1 chicken breast per week, 1 steak per week…I’d say budget is down to around $50-75 per week…

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