3 Tips for Organizing Your Recipes – from professional organizer Julie Starr Hook

art.recipe.rsThe best organizing decision I made for 2013 was signing up for Hautemealz.com!

Being a professional organizer, I am always looking for new ways to get organized. Hautemealz.com has certainly been my meal ticket for organizing my family’s meals.

As a member of Hautemealz.com, I get the weekly excitement of checking out what amazing new recipes I get to make and shop for the following week.

Once I have printed the recipes, I organize them the following ways:

I review each recipe to see what my family would enjoy. If I need to “tweak” the recipe to accommodate a specific family member,  I will make those notes.


Add each recipe that you plan on using for the week into a file called, “This Week’s Dinner.”

If I decide not to make a particular recipe from the weekly recipe selection, I add those to another file called, “Recipes to Add later.” For example, my kids don’t like seafood, but my husband and I do. When my husband and I are alone and my kids are eating somewhere else, then I will choose one of those recipes.

Or, let’s say, we have pizza night or go out on a particular night, then those extra recipes will go into this file and be incorporated into another week. These, “extra” recipes can also be used to replace recipes that don’t appeal to everyone.

The last file is labeled, “Dinners Made.” These recipes are ones that I put in after I make them.

I can also reference these recipes when I need an extra recipe. I also recommend making notes on each printed page.

I would highly recommend keeping your favorite “Dinners Made” that you love and want to make again in a notebook with page protectors.

Happy Organizing!

Julie Starr Hook
Five Starr Organizing and Design
Author “From Frazzled to Freedom”



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