Hautemealz University

Okay, so we’ve always said that hautemealz.com is ideal for busy folks who don’t have time to plan and organize healthy dinners each night of the week.

But…what about folks who just want to learn how to cook nutritious, delicious meals, but don’t want to commit the time and budget to culinary school, or out-of-the-home cooking classes.

Is hautemealz.com a menu plan, or an ongoing cooking class?

Well…we’re both!

You already know that our weekly plans are the easy way to take the hassle out of planning and preparing quick, delicious, and healthy dinners every night, but did you know that some of our subscribers join hautemealz simply to learn the basics of healthy cooking in a convenient, low-pressure setting? (Like – in their own kitchen!)

Think of it as Hautemealz University!

It’s pretty simple…if you’re more interested in learning some new skills, and basic kitchen techniques, than in cooking every night, simply choose one or two recipes that catch your fancy from each week’s regular, lighter side, haute & healthy (low carb/diabetic friendly) or gluten-free menu, and devote a couple of nights that week to preparing just those dishes.

So…who subscribes to H.U.?

  • Busy folks who have always wanted to advance their cooking, but just can’t come up with the time (or budget) for traditional, scheduled classes.
  • Parents signing up their kids before, or after, they leave the nest.
  • Retirees who finally have time to learn some new skills they’ve always wanted, but want to take it at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home.

Run into a culinary roadblock? We’re just an email away, and happy to walk you through any steps or techniques you may be having trouble with, refer you to an online step-by-step tutorial, post a video of exactly “how to” master a technique, or all of the above!

As always, we offer all of this for just $5 a month…and if you can find a better deal on a personal culinary coaching program, we’d sure love to hear about it!

So, if you’re a trail-blazing home cook who simply doesn’t have time to make a plan, or on the first steps of a new culinary adventure…hautmealz.com is here for you!

You can check out  each of our menu plans here and please feel free to email us, or post any question, below.


Chef Perry

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