How to make Corn Tortillas at Home

For the Ground Pork Tacos recipe on this week’s menu plan

Have you ever made your own tortillas at home?

If not, you’re missing out! So easy, and SO much tastier (and cheaper) than the pre-packaged stuff!

Fyi…these instructions will typically be on the Masa Harina (corn flour) bag, as well.

4 thoughts on “How to make Corn Tortillas at Home

  1. I do too. I think I’m going to make it a “bonding” recipe with the kiddo. It’s so easy. In fact, she already does everything but the frying with her play-dough, lol. -Perry

  2. The first time I did it, they turned out perfectly, until they sat for a while, and then they turned hard as a rock. The guys played frisbee with them. The second time, they turned out great though. It’s really not hard.

    If you make your own, don’t think generic. You can add spices to the mix, flavors, a little dried tomato juice, cilantro finely chopped, a little spinach and oil mixed in a blender to liquid and added to the mix (in place of other liquids) for spinach tortillas, a little pesto mixed in with the mix. You can make flavored tortillas that taste really good and compliment the dish you’re using them for. I love cumin and turmeric in mine–both good anti-inflammatory spices that we don’t get enough of, but they have great flavor.

    It’s another trick I use to help my son get veggies, ’cause the only green thing he’ll eat are peas (which are starchy/carbs, not really veggies) and canned green beans. I have been secretly putting veggie purees into sauces and breads and tortillas and such for years now!

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