We have a winner!


Wow, that was a close contest…I mean, like, photo-finish close! But every contest must have a winner, and the winner of the hautemealz.com “Name the (gluten free) Menu” is…

MICHAEL SMITH (The Bacon Hunter)

With his entry:

Gluten Free & Easy!

Congratulations, Michael (and thank you for the great name!) your foodie prize box will ship out in a couple of days!

ALSO…there was an overwhelming number of reader’s votes for one particular title which, unfortunately did not make the judges-choice round. So…we’re adding a second “People’s Choice Award”, a $10 Amazon.com gift, to:

Michelle Devon for “Haute & Gutzy: Gluten-Free!”

Congrats, Michelle, and thanks everyone for a fun contest and some great menu names!

If you’re interested in signing up for our newly named Gluten Free & Easy menu, take a look here.

You Rock!

Perry, Terry, Chris, & Maryse

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