Name the Menu Contest!

In celebration of our upcoming Gluten-Free Menu (2 weeks!), is going to continue with the tradition we began with our “Haute & Healthy: Diabetic-Friendly” launch, and we’re going to let YOU name the new menu!

Here are some things to keep in mind:Current Menus:
~ Classic Hautemealz (our regular menu)
~ Lighter-Side (reduced calorie menu)
~ Haute & Healthy (diabetic friendly/low carb menu)

The new menu will focus on the same easy-to-prepare, delicious, “real food” types of recipes, which will be professionally modified for gluten-intolerant home cooks and their families by our GF Expert Chef – Maryse Blake, CHC.

We have collected some extremely cool “swag” from a number of food events this summer, and are putting together a basket (estimated value of $200.00), of foodie awesomeness.

Gourmet coffees, hazelnut cooking oils, cookbooks, herbs, spices, kitchen tools, and whatever other cool stuff we can find to jam into the box between now and the end of the contest.

ONE lucky winner will get the whole kit-and-kaboodle mailed to them on October 1, 2012.

How it works: Each contestant may submit up to three (3) entries, below. For voting purposes, each entry must be made separately.

Once all of the entries are in (no later than 9/23) the team will vote to decide on our favorite three names (regardless of # of votes). Of those three, the one with the highest number of individual votes, will be deemed the winner.

To clarify: the number of votes you receive will NOT determine if you move to the second round, but they WILL determine the winner of that round. (Try to keep it fair for everyone!)

You do NOT need to be a subscriber to participate, but menu subscribers will get one automatic “LOVE” vote from each of the judges! chefs and affiliates may not compete.

You may begin soliciting votes from your friends, family, Facebook and twitter, followers, or strangers on the street, immediately. All they need to do is visit this page and “like” your proposed menu name.

If they want to “like” our page, as well, that would be swell.


Chefs Perry, Terry, Chris, & Maryse
The Crew


Here’s a sneak-peek at Foodie Prize Box (so far)…it’s not too late! Add your entry to the contest, or send folks to here vote for it!

8 thoughts on “Name the Menu Contest!

  1. Here are some that have been posted on our Facebook page, as well…

    Byron Ohler: Gluten free, flavor full!
    Byron Ohler Who needs Gluten with recipes like this?
    Byron Ohler No Gluten? No Problem!

    Michael The Bacon Hunter: Celiacs Strike Back!
    Michael The Bacon Hunter: Gluten Free & Easy

    Carrie Postma: GFree & Fabulous

    Kristine Burns McCarty: Gluten free, yipee!!
    Kristine Burns McCarty: Intolerance can be a good thing!
    Kristine Burns McCarty: Just say no to Intolerance!

    Diane Anderson: Gluten Free, Easily.

    Kathy Stine Chaney: gluten schmutin!

    Roni Bartlett: Haute N’ Gluten Free
    Roni Bartlett: Haute’n free
    Roni Bartlett: gluten and carefree
    Roni Bartlett: Gluten Freedom

    Maureen Paul: Free to eat Gluten Free
    Maureen Paul: Tasty without the Gluten
    Maureen Paul: Gluten free NOT taste free

    Daniel Myers: How about EatFree Plan?
    Daniel Myers: Free2Eat

    Christina Roberts-Smith: GF Ease.
    Christina Roberts-Smith: Happy, Healthy and Gluten FREE!
    Christina Roberts-Smith: Gluten? Who needs it?!?!?

    Christopher Sorel: Kick out the Gluten and eat normal
    Christopher Sorel: BE captain caveman gluten free
    Christopher Sorel: happy gut and life by being Gluten free

  2. OKAY…HEADS UP…Today is the last day to get votes! Tomorrow we’ll blind-choose 4 winners by title only. Of those 4, the one that has the most votes, wins! SO…go send everyone you know over here to “Like” your entry of choice! – Chef Perry

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