The Crawdaddy Cookbook

The Crawdaddy Cookbook is a free gift from to our friends in the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, all the attendees of the Tualatin Crawfish Festival, and to all of our fellow lovers of crawdads everwhere!

Click on the cover to download the PDF eBook

Inside, you’ll find a Crawdad F.A.Q., prep, cooking and shelling suggestions, Nutrition information on crawfish, and a bunch of delicious crawdad recipes from right in our own backyard, and around the world. Recipes like…

Stove-Top Crawfish Boil
Crawfish Etouffee
Fried Crawfish Po’boy
Crawfish Pasty
Crawdaddy Cakes
Crawfish Fettuccini
Crawfish Bisque
Crawfish Cheese Grits
Crawfish Maque Choux
Hot Crawfish Dip
Thai Crawfish Lettuce Wraps
Australian Yabbie Salad
Sichuan Ma La Crawfish
French Bisque D’ecrevisse
Mexican Acocil Rancheros
Nigerian Pepper Soup
Russian Crayfish Blintzes
Buckwheat Blintzes
Spanish Cangrejos

Have a favorite crawdaddy recipe or cooking tip? Please share it below!

Oh, and be sure to take a look around our website… a recipe for every night of the month, a shopping list for every week of the month, all for just $5 a month!



Perry P. Perkins
Executive Chef & Menu Designer
We make the plan, you make the meal!

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