Brazilian Limeade

Keeping with our current theme of beating the heat. Today, I’m at our annual church camp-out, where I’m busy cooking, eating, and throwing pine-cones at small children to keep them away from my favorite little pool of water in the nearby creek.

It’s slightly cooler here than at home, but the weather (and the company) still require that measures be taken to maintain my cool.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite beverages to sip in camp…

Brazilian Limeade
4 ripe limes (one with thin, smooth skins are best.)
1 c. sugar
6 c. hot water
6 Tbsp. sweetened condensed milk

Mix hot water and sugar very well to create a simple syrup. Chill until very cold.

Wash limes thoroughly with hot water, cut the ends off the limes and then cut each lime into 8ths.

Place 1/2 of the limes in your blender, add 1/2 of the simple syrup, put the lid on your blender, and pulse 5 times. Place a fine-mesh strainer over a pitcher (the one you’ll serve the lemonade in) and pour the blended mixture through the strainer and into the pitcher. Use a spoon to press the rest of the liquid into the pitcher. Dump the pulp and stuff in the strainer into the trash. Repeat with remaining limes and sugar water.

Add sweetened condensed milk, and taste test it. If it’s bitter, just add some more sugar and maybe a little more milk.

Serve immediately over lots of ice.

Don’t be put off by combining sweetened condensed milk with citrus fruit. It may seem very wrong…but it’s OH SO right! Ironically, in Brazil, they call this version “Swiss Lemonade” because of the milk in it.

A little snort of cactus juice would probably be quite lovely in this, as well.

-Chef Perry

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