Name the Menu Contest! $25 Gift Card

Okay, we are very, very close to unveiling our new “diabetic-friendly” menu here at! Trouble is…we can’t come up with a name we like!

So…we’re going to let YOU name it!

Post your best name (original and un-copyrighted) for a diabetic-friendly weekly menu plan, below. If you’re not posting a name, please vote for one that has been posted. I’ll add in the names that get emailed to me, or are posted on the blog, as well. (and…yes…you can invite others to come vote for your entry, but only one vote per person, please!)

You can submit/vote here on the blog, or on our Facebook post.

The menu name with the most votes by midnight on Friday, June 8th, wins a $25.00 gift certificate to the restaurant/store/coffee shop of their choosing*

If you’re local, it can also be redeemed for our personal chef services.

As a “border-line” diabetic, with a long family history of diabetes, this is a very personal subject for me, and I will be personally overseeing (and following) this plan, myself.

This is going to be a fantastic new menu option for folks or families dealing with diabetes, and so we need an equally fantastic name!

Go for it!


(Oh, and I’ll add an extra vote for anyone who shares this post on their own Facebook page or blog, as well!)

*Location of gift certificate must offer gift certificates, and have them available for online order and delivery.

One thought on “Name the Menu Contest! $25 Gift Card

  1. Okay, that’s it! The entries to name our upcoming diabetic-friendly menu have been tallied, the votes have been counted, and the people have spoken!

    In a tie for third place…”Low glycemic goodness” (Dana Ramsey), and “HauteMealz for Diabetics” (Jenni Smith). Thanks Dana and Jenni!

    In second place, with extra style points for leaving me humming a Sinatra tune…”My Mealz, My Way” (Tesha Johnson). Thanks Tesha!

    And our clear first-place winner, with twice the votes of any other entry…

    HAUTE-N-HEALTHY by Parthenia Burely!!!

    Congrats Parthenia! We love it! Please shoot me an email at and let me know what store you would like your $25 gift card sent from, and where we can send your autographed copy of MEAT FIRE GOOD: The Burnin’ Love BBQ Cookbook!

    Thank you so much, everyone, for all the great ideas, what a hoot! Make sure to keep an eye out for the launch of out new Haute-n-Healthy diabetic-friendly menu, in just a few weeks. If you would like to sign up now, we would be happy to send you our weekly Regular or Lighter Side menus, and then automatically switch you over to the Haute ‘n Healthy plan, as soon as it launches.

    Here’s the link to join:

    Thanks again!

    Executive Chef/Menu Designer
    “We make the plan, you make the meal!”

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