A little clarification…

Okay peeps, it has been pointed out to me, once again, that we have not made our pricing here at hautemealz.com clear, and folks are thinking that the system is FAR more expensive than it actually is!

So, yeah…I apologize for that!

So, let’s clear it up…hautemealz.com plans (regular, lighter side, and the upcoming diabetic-friendly menu) are each $5.00 per month, NOT $5.00 per week.

For that $5 a month, we provide a 7-day dinner menu of recipes, with full-color photos, tailored to one of our three specific plans; an itemized grocery shopping list for the entire week; a weekly newsletter covering those recipes, cooking tips, a healthy-eating column, and additional recipes.

You also have access to the hautemealz.com blog for articles on the latest foodie and healthy cooking news, instructional tips and videos, even more recipes, and the occasional lame joke (I gotta be me.)

Plus, you have direct access to our professional chefs, as often as you need, to answer any and all cooking and menu related questions you may have, even if they are not related to our menu!

SO..all of that is $5 per month. Honest.

Please take a look at around the website for more about us, some full-week sample menus, instructional videos, and to see what our customers are saying!

Check out our better-than-money-back guarantee, while you’re at it, and when you’re ready, you can sign up here.

We would love to help you recapture your time, eat healthier, and create everyday elegance in your homecooked cuisine!

Thanks folks!

-Perry, Chris, & Terry
Chefs/Menu Designers

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